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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  August 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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washington leaders have made a deal. now the goal is to get it passed and signed before tonight's deadline. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is off today. we begin with a tentative debt deal among congressional leaders but they still have to convince their caucuses that it's a good day. good-- that it's a good deal. jennifer davis has more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: it's certainly getting down to the wire as the president obama visits the
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capitol to try to rally democrats and gop leaders are doing the same thing on their aisle. after weeks of intense and divisive debate, finally there is a debt deal. >> now, is this the deal i would have preferred? no. >> reporter: they agreed to it but -- >> neither side got as much as they hoped. but that's the essence of compromise. >> reporter: parties are holding close-ed-door meetings -- closed-door meetth. arm twisting may be necessary. lin earl democrats think too much has been dollared with no new -- liberal democratics think too much has been passed. >> reporter: others in the gop believes defense is taking too big of a hit. >> there's no question we can cut some things from defense but we need to protect our
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country. >> reporter: still, leaders are striking a generally optimistic tone. it raises the debt ceiling, cuts $trillion over the next -- $1 trillion over the next decade. here are the numbers -- in the senate, they need 60 to pass the agreement. in the house, 216. on capitol hill, jennifer davis, fox news. now we want to take you live to the new york stock exchanges. the dow had droppedcily early. initially -- dropped early initially. you can see stocks jumped but the gains quickly diminished after key manufacturing indexes tumbled. the latest numbers, the dow is down 30, nasdaq is down 19. s&p a down 7. we're learning more about a mother of now gunned down this morning -- four gunned down
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this morning. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: right now richmond police have no motive for the searching and no suspects. friends and relatives of the 25- year-old victim believe she was on in the -- believe she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. a mother of four kids and an active member in her search. that's how friends and family describe 25-year-old rose mcfadden. >> she's a lovely person always goes to church, always -- it's kind of hurtful. >> reporter: police say mcfadden was driving home to her richmond apartment with a friend when someone opened fire on the car just before 3:00. >> a female apparently exited the vehicle when -- from what we understand from when the shots had started and that's when the officers this located her on the ground. >> reporter: so she was trying to run away when she was shot? >> most mikely will -- most
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likely, yes. >> reporter: she died of. the man she was with is in critical condition. the car crashed into a dumpster at the apartment complex. >> there's nothing to indicate these people were doing anything they shouldn't have been at the time. >> reporter: friends and people came to mourn her loss. they say the 24-year-old man was a friend of hers. she tried to recently encourage him to come to church. >> i'm not saying it's because of him. i don't know. i don't know. it's stupid. no more killing. what is going on? >> reporter: this is richmond's 22nd homicide of the year. there were 21 in all of last year. richmond city liedered -- leaders say they are explore new tack tises to stem -- tactics to stem the violence. >> we're gonna have to step up the pace and stop all cars in the area when we have problems
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such as guns coming in the area. i know that people think that's profiling but i think that can be done in a positive way. >> reporter: richmond police have also hired four new police officers. they were sworn in about an hour ago. the department has teamed up with contra costa county sheriff's office to form a joint task force to stem some of the violence. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. it was a violent weekend in oakland with three homicides in the span of just a few hours. a family of the youngest and first victim was tending to the memorial this morning. 16-year-old najan jackson was shot and killed late saturday night. the family believes he was lured and called out by a girl and was shot. they say it may have been payback for something at a party. and then a woman was shot at 1:00 a.m. she was dropped off at alta
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bates avenue. she died. and another man attending another party died at the hospital. in just the last few hours, san francisco mayor, ed lee, announced a new partnership for 12 community ambassadors to address safety concerns on muni. corporate individuals will make this program permanent. they will translate non-english speaking leaders -- riders. >> just to have the presence of 12 more people along this story -- along this corridor is extremely important. >> reporter: meantime, ed lee says this morning he still hasn't made any decision about a possible mayoral run in 2012. he says he's talking with his family about his political future. the filing deadline for all
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candidate is august 12th. a san ramon woman fell to her death while climbing half dome. official says she was on her way back down from the summit when she fell 600 feet. she was hiking with three friends. a park spokesperson said she likely slipped in the rain. the death marks the 14th in the park since january. the ac fare went up starting today. jade hernandez is live in oakland with why this won't be the last hike. >> reporter: good afternoon -- good afternoon. one rider summed it up like this -- the change in your pocket is now worth together, especially those dimes and nickels. >> i don't like it because we're not making as much money and the youth don't have jobs. so it's -- it's outrageous to cut that. >> everything is nasty. what are they doing with the
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money? >> reporter: that's cre action from riders who don't like the ac transit fare increase effective today. riders across alameda and contra costa county found themselves searching for more change. basically fare went up a dime to $2.10. youth, senior, rides 5 cents. the biggest increase the monthly use pass which shot from $15 to $20. the regular monthly fare passes stayed the same. we're told the increase will raise $2.4 million for the strict. in the spring, the transit authority decided to implement this slowly -- shely to give riders time to anticipate the hikes -- slowly to give riders time to anticipate the hikes. >> it has gotten progressively worse over the years. you have increased ridership, people can't afford to park
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downtown so they take the bus but at the same time, the cost to ride the bus is rising. the services are decreasing. that puts us in a difficult position sometimes. >> nobody is getting a pass in this thing. the fact -- that's the fact of the matter, we wanted to make sure that everybody if you will felt the pain to the same degree, if you will. >> reporter: the next fare increase is in three years. tack on 15 cents additional. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right, jade. thank you. the bail hearing for one of the men accused in the beating of bryan stow has been postponed. louie sanchez had his bail hearing moved to august 10th. last week, the other suspect in the beating, marvin norwood
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asked for a similar bail reduction. that request was denied. prosecutors say the high bail amounts are justified because stow's injuries are so severe. the woman accused of breaking into the san francisco hotel room of alex trebek and his wife entered a not guilty plea this morning. she's facing felony charges of first-degree burglary and possession of stolen property. trebek said he chased her out of his room at the marriott. during the case he represent churred his achille's ten -- ruptured his achille's tendon and is on cup -- and is on crutches. the woman has two brief convictions for burglary. the trials for josh fattal and shane bauer ended early. iranian police arrested the two men and along -- the two men along with sarah shourd two
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years ago. shourd attended aalry -- rally for them in new york. >> they are two passionate men. if it weren't for them, i wouldn't be standing here today. >> shourd was released on humanitarian reasons. the three say they were hiking and got lost. iran claims they were spying. cooler-than-normal temperatures continue in the bay area. rosemary will tell you if the first week of august will bring changes. i think it should be made smaller. >> there are plans to make a super market in the bay area -- supermarket in the bay area bigger but some don't want that.
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oakland police are looking for the driver of a car who ran into a pole light this. was 77th avenue and international boulevard -- pole light this afternoon. this was at 77th avenue and international boulevard. anyone who saw anything is being asked to call police. a big rig accident shut down a major thoroughfare in sunnyvale for about six hours.
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it crashed in the sooner -- center median on mathilda avenue around 1:30 this morning. the impact damaged the diesel fuel tank and about 100 gallons of fuel leaked on the road. no one was injured. both sides. road reopened by 7:30 this morning. emergency workers at a north bay water treatment plant are still trying to figure out how much hazardous material leaked into nearby soil. on saturday, 11,000 gallons of a mixure of high concentration bleach and chlorine leaked -- leaked from the hennessey plant. hazmat was able to maintain the spill and it did not get in the creek or the water supply. delays are expected on the capital corridor line due to a collision between a train and big rig. the accident happened at 8:30 in vacaville in unincorporated
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solano county. the truck driver was able to get out with no injuries. capital corridor and freight trains are being diverted around one track around the scene. amtrak says delays are about 90 minute rice -- 90 minutes right now. a new fire fee would cover 800,000 homes located in the juries diction of cal fire. this includes -- jurisdiction of cal fire. this includes about one-third of the state to the oregon border. governor brown signed the law earlier this month. it's expected to bring in about $200 million a year to help -- to help fight wildfires. opponent call it a cash grab by the state. safeway plans to double the size of its store in the
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rockridge neighborhood t will have wider aisles -- neighborhood. it will have wider aisles and a fresh guard everyone -- garden. hundreds of neighbors don't want this and have signed a petition. >> safeway should be able to build an expand their store. i have issues with stoplights here. i think it would ruin this business and would ruin the produce store across the street. the public has until august 15th to comment on the expansion. the planning commission is expected to vote and the city council will likely take up the issue in the spring. a big bank and two chain stairs are shopping for approval from san francisco voters. target, petco and chase, are all looking to expand. they would have to get approval from the planning department and the community.
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the department responsible for this with the a -- for this got permission in 2006. good afternoon. we've got the better clearing outside our doors. you can see plenty of clouds still piled up along the coast. they will remain that way. as we roll through today, temperatures vary similar to you who we -- to how we saw yesterday. better clearing for sunday. we do have it pile under adocument the -- along the coastline -- along the coastline. we'll continue to see nice changes as we move in through the afternoon with plenty of blue sky at least. giving you a look at the satellite and radar, we have more of the same as we move through this workweek. we're going to remain below average. at this hour, very similar to how we started yesterday and the satellite radar showing you here this trough that will only
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deepen over the next couple of days. as it does, our temperatures will continue to be anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees below average. the good news about this system moving closer to the coast, it's pushing the monsoonal moisture out of the way. while we didn't have much trouble with it, over the sierra we had thunderstorms popping up. so far today, very similar and then the rest of the week, just subtle changes. we'll have the fog through the morning hours, the afternoon sunshine, afternoon breeze. the onshore flow will continue. the sea breeze will be back with us including through today. have you to get well inland before you begin to feel the -- feel the heat. santa rosa, 74 for the afternoon. 73 for novato. 76 in sonoma. 72 in vallejo. upper 60s for richmond as well as berkeley. 73 in oakland. danville checking checking in
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at 890. mid-80s for -- 80 degrees. mid os. for the -- mid-80s. 6 san bruno. 65 san francisco. -- 65 san francisco. the extended forecast here, so just more of the same is pretty much how we sum it up. a slight variation tuesday wednesday. notice thursday/friday. it doesn't really change a whole lot into the weekend. temperatures range from the row to mid-80s and still a little cool for the coastline. now here we are into the first week of august. >> if we look back in july, how unprecedented -- >> right. >> thank you. >> all right. cal skate in milpitas has closed its doors. last night people took their
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final spin around the ring. people say this is where they learned to skate, made life- long friends and spent most of their childhood. >> this is what kept us safe out of drugs and trouble. we were here all of the time. >> that woman and her brother have run the ridge for decades. the -- run the ridge for years. organizers say all of the money raised last night will benefit schools in milpitas. a church in stockton has a new way for people to pray. the cavalry assembly of -- the cavalry assembly of god is offering a drive-through service. the pastor who runs the program says these are busy times and people are still in the need
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for prayer. ahead -- a new list of the top party schools just came out. find out which california school made the top 5. and tracking energy. a new rule going into effect and when it will come to the bay area. sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today.
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we want to check you in first on wall street. the dow had a ride. it boosted up and then fell
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down. latest numbers whoever -- hovering. commercial building openers across the country are being required to track and disclose their energy use. new jiglations -- regulations are meant to encourage owners to upgrade buildings to save energy. today is the deadline for 16,000 builders in new york city to report their use or face nines. sim -- similar requirements begins in san francisco, seattle and washington, d.c. in october. new requirements will be enclosed -- enclosed in california next year. miley cyrus now has a tattoo showing support for gay marriage. this is a photo that she posted on twitter. if it -- in it you can see it shows an equal sign on her ring finger. the final numbers won't be in until later today but it appears -- it appears there were two big winners at the box
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office. "cowboys and aliens" brought in $36.2 million. last week's top movie "captain america" fell to third. uc sab somebody -- santa barbara is maintaining its image as a party school. it's not part of the new list out today. the southern california university ranks below ohio university, university of georgia, university of mississippi and the university of iowa. no other california universities made the top 20
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party schools list. coming up tonight at 5:00, a new kind of theft, thieves stealing plants, where it's happening and why the green target. we're following the death of a hiker in yosemite. our next newscast is the news at 5:00. until then, have a good day.
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